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Every year, after shearing, we offer replacement ewes and rams for sale from our closed organic flock of pure Exmoor Horn, Jacob, Blue Faced Leicester and North Ronaldsay (‘Ronnies’). Our Exmoor ‘mule’ shearlings have proven to be popular as strong replacement ewes (BFL tup crossed with Exmoor Horn), as have our BFL x Jacob crosses.

To support the rare North Ronaldsay breed (listed as ‘priority’ by the RBST) we work with other breeders to supply pedigree lambs, breeding rams and shearling ewes, all registered with the breed society. Also, we have been experimenting with new hybrids using the North Ronalsday, such as the ‘Shetsay’ (Shetland ewe crossed to NR tup), ‘Balsay’ (Balwen ewe with NR tup), and even a ‘Jonny’ (Jacob crossed with a Ronny). These hybrids seem to combine the liveliness of the Ronnies with the hardiness of other breeds. The Shetsays, in particular, make excellent pet sheep, being small of stature but big in personality.

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