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About Us

farming in Exmoor National Park.

The Verwill Farm Story

An ancient farm, finding new purpose

Verwill Farm is a prototype for a new kind of livestock agriculture that applies new insights into agroecology, such as soil science, and combines it with ancient practices of landscape management and pastoralism.  We select rare and primitive breeds, some of them the rarest in the world, to best match different browsing behaviours with the local ecology.  Rotational grazing systems, revival of ancient coppice, restoration of hedgerows and wetlands are all part of a system-level reimagining of how an upland hill farm can be transformed.  The goal reaches beyond sustainability, towards a process of healing for soils, trees, wildlife and water.  For too long UK farming has run an ecological overdraft, ‘breaking even’ will not be enough, we need to start rebuilding the balance.

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Slow-grown, premium meat

Raised only on pasture, in harmony with nature, for flavour and texture

We are certified as organic by the Soil Association. We never use pesticides or fertiliser. Animal welfare and protecting nature guides everything we do.

Healthy sheep, fed on pasture and browsing trees, leads to more nutritious food for you and your family.

We demand highest animal welfare standards, so are lucky to live near a small abattoir that specialises in native breeds and high quality meat.

Our sheep grow slowly and so meat is also processed slowly, hung for at least 10 days and prepared into cuts by our butcher.

Regenerative, innovative farming

News from the farm

We are learning as we farm, and we like to share our journey.

Meet the farmers

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Images of the farm and Exmoor

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